Terms of use

1. Legal information and acceptance. 

The provisions set herein govern the use of the service of the web portal (hereinafter “Portal”) that IVF SPAIN ALICANTE S.L.U. makes available to the users at http://ivf-spain.com. IVF SPAIN ALICANTE S.L.U. is holder of the website www.ivf-spain.com.

IVF SPAIN ALICANTE S.L.U. has its registered office at Avda. Ansaldo, 13, 03540, Alicante, Spain, and Tax Identification Number B-54973227.

This website is aimed to all whom are in search of information regarding assisted reproduction and its treatments. Both Patients and health professionals from IVF SPAIN ALICANTE S.L.U. dispose of their own Personal Area.

All information contained herein has been created, and is periodically revised, by an editorial team comprising our physicians and biologists.

Accessing the website is free of charge, except for the connection costs through the telecommunication network supplied by the internet provider. Specific services are exclusive to our customers and are therefore restricted.

The use of the Portal grants the status of Portal Users (hereinafter the “User”) and implies the acceptance of all conditions set forth herein. The service provided by the Portal is limited to the duration the User maintains connected to the Portal or to any of its services provided by the aforementioned Portal. Hence, the User must carefully read the outlined Legal Notice whenever using the Portal, as both the Portal and its terms of use may be subject to change.

Some services, which are accessible for internet users or are exclusive to clients of IVF SPAIN ALICANTE S.L.U. may be subject to particular conditions, regulations and instructions that, if such be the case, may complete and/or modify this present Legal Notice, which ultimately must be accepted by the User before providing the service.

2. Intellectual and industrial property.

The content of the Portal, understanding as such texts, images, graphics, icons, technology, software, links and other audiovisual or audio content, as well as its graphic design and source code (hereinafter the “Content”), are property of IVF SPAIN ALICANTE S.L.U. or third parties; however, no exploitation right recognised by applicable legislation governing such matter shall be construed as ceded to the User, except those cases deemed strictly necessary for the use of the Portal. Thus, the reproduction, distribution, public communication and transformation, in part or in whole, without the express permission of IVF SPAIN ALICANTE S.L.U. is prohibited.

IVF SPAIN ALICANTE S.L.U. or third parties are the holder of brands, trade names and distinguishing signs; the access to the Portal shall not deem to entitle any right over brands, trade names and/or distinguishing signs.

3. Terms of use of the portal.

3.1 General

The User is obliged to make a right use of the Portal in compliance with the law and the present Legal Notice. The User shall be liable for any damages sustained by IVF SPAIN ALICANTE S.L.U. or third parties, which may be caused as a result of non-compliance of the aforementioned obligation. 

The use of the Portal with harmful purposes to goods or interests or any other that may overload, damage or disable the network, servers and computer equipment (hardware) or products and programs (software), property of IVF SPAIN ALICANTE S.L.U. or third parties, is prohibited.
3.2 Contents 

The User commits to utilise the Contents in compliance with the law and the present Legal Notice, as well as with all other conditions, regulations and instructions that may be applicable in accordance with the provisions of clause 1.

The User, in accordance with current legislation, shall refrain from: Reproducing, copying, distributing, make available and public, transforming or modifying such Contents except in cases authorised by law or with express consent by IVF SPAIN ALICANTE S.L.U. or by whom, if such be the case, holds the rights of exploitation.

Reproducing or copying Contents for private use, such as Software or Databases, in compliance with current legislation in matter of intellectual property, as well as communicating publicly or making available to third parties whenever these acts necessarily entail the reproduction by the User or a third party.

Remove and/or reuse all or any substantial part of the constituent Contents of the Portal, as well as the databases IVF SPAIN ALICANTE S.L.U. makes available to the Users.
3.3 Data collection form 

Without prejudice to the provisions of clause 5 of the aforementioned Legal Notice, the use of certain services or claims to IVF SPAIN ALICANTE S.L.U. are conditioned prior to the completion, in each case, of the corresponding User registration.

All data provided by the User by means of the forms of the Portal must be true. 
The User guarantees the true nature of all Data he may provide and shall keep it up to the date so that it reflects, in every moment, the real status of the User. The User shall be, at all times, solely responsible for misrepresentations and damages sustained by IVF SPAIN ALICANTE S.L.U. or third parties caused by the information provided.
3.4. Adding links to the Portal 

Internet Users who wish to enter links from their own websites to the Portal shall comply with the conditions set forth herein. However, the ignorance of the aforementioned conditions shall not absolve of the liabilities deriving from the Law:

  • The link shall only connect to the home page of the Portal without reproducing it in any manner (inline links, texts, graphics, etc.) prior request and authorisation.
  • In accordance with the legislation in force at any moment, it is under any event forbidden to establish frames of any type that may envelop the Website or permit the screening of its Contents via other internet addresses than those of the Website and, in any case, when they are jointly screened with contents other that those of the Website in such way as to: (I) it actually or potentially result in error, confusion or deceit among users as to the true nature of the service or Contents (II) it may constitute an act of unfair comparison or imitation; (III) exploit the reputation of the national brand and prestige owned by IVF SPAIN ALICANTE S.L.U.; or (IV) incur in any other form of activity forbidden by law.
  • The website bearing the link shall not incur in any type of false, inaccurate or incorrect statement upon IVF SPAIN ALICANTE S.L.U., its partners, employees, clients nor the quality of the services it offers.
  • In no event will the page bearing the link state that IVF SPAIN ALICANTE S.L.U. has given its consent to the use of the link or that it sponsors, collaborates with, verifies or supervises the services of the sender, other than having it expressly obtained prior written notice.
  • The use of any denominative, graphic or mixed brand or of any other sign characteristic of IVF SPAIN ALICANTE S.L.U. within the senders website is forbidden, except for those cases permitted by Law or expressly authorised by IVF SPAIN ALICANTE S.L.U., as long as in such cases, and in the manner established in the present clause, a direct link to the Portal is permitted.
  • The website bearing the link shall be compliant with the law and in no event shall it redirect to own content or content from third parties that: (I) may be illegal, harmful or contrary to morals and not accepted ethically (pornography, violence, racism, etc.); (II) lead or may lead to the misconception of IVF SPAIN ALICANTE S.L.U. supporting in any manner ideas, manifestations or expressions – legal or illegal – from the sender; (III) that may be inappropriate or irrelevant for IVF SPAIN ALICANTE S.L.U. in terms of location, content and theme of the sender’s website.

4. Exclusion of liability 

4.1 Information

Accessing the Portal does not entail any obligation by IVF SPAIN ALICANTE S.L.U. to check the veracity, accuracy, sufficiency, suitability, completeness and information provided by the aforementioned Portal. The website’s content is of general nature, and does not constitute, in any way, a provision of professional services and thus proves to be insufficient to make personal decisions or of any other kind on the part of the User.

IVF SPAIN ALICANTE S.L.U. will not be liable for any decision taken based on information provided by the Portal nor damages caused by the User or third parties due to actions based solely on information obtained from the Portal.

IVF SPAIN ALICANTE S.L.U. shall also not be liable for the use of the Portal made by minors in cases where its content may be susceptible of disturbing them.
4.2 Service Quality 

IVF SPAIN ALICANTE S.L.U. shall not be obliged to control the presence or absence of viruses or other elements that may damage computers. The User shall be responsible, at all times, for the availability of appropriate tools for the detection and deletion of harmful computer programs.

IVF SPAIN ALICANTE S.L.U. shall not be liable for any damage caused to the Users’ or third parties computer equipment during the provision of the Portal’s service.
4.3 Service Availability 

The access to the Portal requires the services and supplies of third parties including the transport through communication networks of which the reliability, quality, continuity and operation cannot be controlled by IVF SPAIN ALICANTE S.L.U. Thus, services provided through the Portal may be suspended, cancelled or remain inaccessible, prior to or during the provision of the service of the Portal.
IVF SPAIN ALICANTE S.L.U. shall not be liable for damages of any kind on the User caused by network failure or disconnection, such as the suspension, cancellation or interruption prior to or during the provision services by the Portal.
4.4 Content and services linked through the Portal 

The access service to the Portal includes technical devices of linkage, directories and search engines which may allow the User to access other websites and internet portals (hereinafter, “linked Websites”). In such cases, IVF SPAIN ALICANTE S.L.U. shall act as provider of brokerage services in accordance with article 17 from the Spanish Law 34/2002, from 12 July, on Services of the Information Society and E-commerce (LSSI) and shall only be liable for content and services provided in liked websites to the extent of the wrongfulness known by it and in the event of not having disabled the link with due diligence. Should the User take the view of a linked website containing illegal or inappropriate content, he may inform IVF SPAIN ALICANTE S.L.U. in accordance with the procedure and effects established in clause 6, but under no circumstance shall this notification impose any obligation to remove the aforementioned link.

Under no circumstance shall the existence of linked websites presuppose the existence of agreements with the holders thereof nor recommendation, promotion or identification of IVF SPAIN ALICANTE S.L.U. with statements, contents or services provided.
IVF SPAIN ALICANTE S.L.U. has no knowledge of the contents and services from the linked websites and, therefore, does not accept any liability for any damage resulting from wrongfulness, quality, outdated versions, unavailability, error and uselessness of the contents and/or services of the linked websites or any other damage not directly attributable to IVF SPAIN ALICANTE S.L.U. 
5. Notice of unlawful or inadequate activities

In the event of the User or other Internet users being aware of the linked Websites hosting illegal, harmful, degrading, violent or not ethically approved content, the User may contact IVF SPAIN ALICANTE S.L.U. providing the following data:

Personal data of the informant: name, address, phone number and e-mail; 
State of facts revealing the illegal or inadequate nature of the linked Website;
In the event of violation of rights, such as intellectual and industrial property, the personal data of the holder of the violated right when being a different person than the informant. Additionally, proof of the entitlement of the holder of the rights must also be provided and, if such be the case, with evidence of acting on behalf of the holder when being another person than the informant;
An express declaration that the information contained in the claim is accurate.

The reception by IVF SPAIN ALICANTE S.L.U. of the foreseen communication contemplated in this clause, and pursuant to Spanish Law on Services of the Information Society and E-commerce, shall not imply effective knowledge of the activities and/or contents given by the informant.

Additionally, proof of the entitlement of the owner of the rights must also be provided and, if such be the case, with evidence of acting on behalf of the holder when being another person than the informant and express declaration of the information set forth in the claim being accurate.

The reception by IVF SPAIN ALICANTE S.L.U. of the foreseen communication contemplated in this clause, and pursuant to Spanish Law on Services of the Information Society and E-commerce, shall not imply effective knowledge of the activities and/or contents given by the informant.

6. Website updates and modifications

IVF SPAIN ALICANTE S.L.U. reserves the right to update, modify or delete any information contained in its website, as well as to modify the settings or presentation thereof, without notice and without being liable for it.

7. Legislation and applicable jurisdiction

Generally, the relationships with our clients, derived from the provision of services contained in our website, are subject to Spanish legislation and jurisdiction.

8. Quality policy statement

IVF SPAIN ALICANTE S.L.U., company aimed to provide medical services for gynaecological and reproductive treatments and counselling, has the following fundamental strategic goals:

  • To make our patients achieve an utmost level of satisfaction by providing a service according to their expectations and needs, personalized patient care, as well as high pregnancy success rates in all offered treatments.
  • To maintain a management system based on continuous improvement, both in our internal processes management and in the provision of services.
  • To comply with regulations applicable to all the company’s activities and to all our client’s requirements.
  • To engage our personnel’s and collaborators’ commitment regarding the implementation of quality in all our services and processes.

This policy -aimed to achieve the aforementioned objectives- is based on several fundamental principles, which are materialized in the following actions:

  • To establish, institute and maintain an effective Quality Management System – planned and developed altogether with the other functions of the Executive Management.
  • The Executive Management and the personnel’s commitment are to ensure being familiar with the objectives and quality policy. Likewise, this policy must be up to date and disseminated at all levels in the company.
  • To ensure all human, technical, training and financial means needed to achieve the objectives set, including those related to quality.
  • To support with evidence and proves, the results of the company’s services with reference to the requirements of the quality management system.

Therefore, the Management Board of IVF SPAIN ALICANTE S.L.U. assumes to correctly apply and maintain the quality management system established by the company, which will be ensured among its clients and patien

Private Policy

5. Protection of personal data and privacy policy

IVF SPAIN ALICANTE S.L.U belongs to the IVF LIFE group, together with the clinics IVF SPAIN ALICANTE SLU, with TAX ID B54973227and address in Avda Tolosa, 71-73 Donostia, Gipuzkoa, and PROCREATEC SL, with TAX ID B85138113 and address in Calle Manuel de Falla, 6-8, 28036 Madrid, all of them having signed an agreement of co-responsibility in the use of personal data.

Data collected through the data collection forms in the Portal, will be treated by IVF SPAIN ALICANTE S.L.U, or other fertility clinics belonging to the IVF Life Group, in a confidential manner, and exclusively for the purpose of managing the relationship with patients, answer their requests for information, consultation and/or registration in any of our activities, registration in any of our newsletters, and in the event we had the authorisation, to inform or send commercial communications and/or guarantee the appropriate care in all the stages of the assistance process. When contacting us, you are authorising us to treat your contact data according to the ends set herein.
The clinic therefore commits to fulfill its obligation not to reveal personal data and to properly store it as well as to take all necessary means to prevent its modification, loss, processing and unauthorised use. Hence, all information regarding our clients shall not be disclosed to third parties unless it is expressly requested.
Additionally, IVF SPAIN ALICANTE S.L.U. shall delete and/or block inaccurate, incomplete or irrelevant data in accordance with the legislation on data protection.
By clicking on the “send” button the User expressly consents IVF SPAIN to use his data for professional communications related to his / her inquiry via e-mail or other means.  The user shall be entitled to withdraw the given consent as well as to oppose to receiving any communication by submitting a letter to the address listed in clause No. 1 this Legal Notice or by directly opposing on each received commercial communication. Additionally, the qualified procedure to oppose to the sending of professional communications will be expressly provided in each communication.
Fields on data collection forms marked with * are mandatory, being IVF SPAIN ALICANTE S.L.U. entitled to deny, in its sole discretion, the provision of the aforementioned services.
The Users will also be entitled to obtain confirmation on whether IVF SPAIN ALICANTE S.L.U. is processing personal data concerning them or not. Furthermore, they will have right to access and to rectify inaccurate data or, if such be the case, to request the deletion thereof whenever they may not be relevant for the purposes for which they were collected, as well as to request their transfer. Under certain circumstances the User will have the right to restrict the processing of his data, in which case the clinic shall store them for the defense or processing of any claims.  The User may also oppose to the processing of his / her personal data due to reasons related to his / her personal situation. 
IVF SPAIN ALICANTE S.L.U. will stop the processing of data unless compelling legitimate grounds are given. In this sense the User shall have the right to lodge a claim to the supervisory authority.
IVF SPAIN ALICANTE S.L.U. has implemented the security measures set in both European and Spanish legislation in regards to the protection of personal data. Notwithstanding the foregoing, it must be taken into account that security measures within a medium such as the Internet are not impregnable; there might be a leak of data caused by willful misconduct by third parties. 

5.1 Minors

Our services are addressed to people of legal age; however, in the event of some of our services being aimed at minors, IVF SPAIN ALICANTE S.L.U shall request the express consent from the parents or tutors thereof for the retrieval of personal data or, if such be the case, for the automated processing of their data as set forth in current legislation. Minor Users require the express consent from their parents or tutors prior to the inclusion of data in the Website’s form.


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