IVF Life, the Fertility Group from Alicante with the largest international outreach

IVF Life, the Fertility Group from Alicante with the largest international outreach

IVF Life, the Fertility Group from Alicante with the largest international outreach 364 205 IVF Life Group

IVF Life, the Fertility Group from Alicante with the largest international outreach

With clinics in Alicante, Madrid, San Sebastián and soon also in Germany, it is one of the most important Fertility Groups in Spain

IVF Life, with its head office inIVF-Spain in Alicante, ProcreaTec in Madrid and the Instiuto Vasco de Fertilidad in San Sebastián, already share the same ethos,: warmth and proximity to the patient supported by innovation and the most advanced techniques in reproductive medicine.

In the words of the president of the group, Dr Jon Aizpurua: “Harmony and empathy are essential to gain a patient’s trust. Patient trust and confidence in the clinic and the clinical team are fundamental to good results.’

IVF Life knows no geographical barrier and welcomes both national and international patients.

The group applies the most advanced technology to assist patients who have experienced years of treatment and repeated failed cycles. This innovation and commitment will be applied to the Groups fourth clinic due to open in Baden-Baden in Germany.

Whilst overall statistics are important the age and individual circumstances of each patient are entirely influential in each cycle outcome. At IVFLIfe each case is considered individually and each patient is allocated a bespoke treatment plan.

Precisely, in the IVF Life group, the average age of the patients is 39.8 years, with an average of 4.3 failed treatments at other clinics. Experience in treating these patients has positioned the group as an expert in the most difficult cases. Despite this, they manage to maintain a high success rate.

AS vital factor in the pregnancy success rates is the  2000m2 facilities dedicated exclusively to the study and treatment of genetic and immunology related fertility problems

This innovation focus results in success for patients who have previously experienced serious problems such as repeated implantation failures and repeated miscarriages.

Many of IVF’s success stories are solved through research and investment in innovation. For example, the Aneuploidy Preimplantation Genetic Test (PGT-A) makes it possible to determine which embryos have the correct number of chromosomes, in other words those that are free of abnormalities and will be viable for transfer to the uterus.

It is equally   important and even decisive, to know when the maternal uterus is ready to receive the embryo. Thanks to the endometrial receptivity map, Er Map® developed by the IVF group, it is possible to identify the optimum time to perform embryo transfer.

Occasionally, a patient’s immune response can prevent a pregnancy from progressing favourably. . The Im Map®, also designed by IVF Life, can identify immunological abnormalities which may be detrimental to fertility and inform clinicians to find medical solutions which allow the embryo to implant and grow normally.

IVFLife are extremely proud of the facts underlying their success: ten years experience in four state of the art  clinics have resulted in thousands of healthy  babies and happy families whose lives have been changed by fertility treatments.

The formula of advanced technology, clinical expertise, experience and the commitment of the entire team is reflected in the highly personalised service that IVF Life provide for each and every patient.